Remote Sensor (Temperature and Humidity) Monitoring over RF Link

1. Description

The purpose of this project is to build a system that periodically sends sensor data from a remote device (standalone ATmega328 microcontroller) to a central monitoring device (Arduino Uno R3 development board) over a RF link. Some power-saving techniques have been used in order to preserve remote device’s battery life. For the purpose of simplicity, a simple temperature and humidity sensor has been used at the remote device; it could be easily replaced with any other sensor. The simple topology (one remote device to one monitoring device) could be extended (multiple remote devices to a single monitoring device).

Difficulty level: advanced.

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ATmega328P-PU Power Saving (Sleep Mode and Watchdog Timer)

1. Description

This tutorial presents some power-saving techniques available for ATmega328 based designs.  They could help in lowering the overall power consumption and preserve battery life (in case of using batteries as a power supply). Even though the examples presented below are originating from a basic sketch (periodic LED blinking), they could easily be ported to various other applications.  Each scenario indicates the current consumption measurement and an estimation of the battery lifetime – this could be useful in choosing the right and most effective power-saving technique(s) for your specific applications.

Difficulty level: intermediate.

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