Remote Sensor (Temperature and Humidity) Monitoring over RF Link

1. Description

The purpose of this project is to build a system that periodically sends sensor data from a remote device (standalone ATmega328 microcontroller) to a central monitoring device (Arduino Uno R3 development board) over a RF link. Some power-saving techniques have been used in order to preserve remote device’s battery life. For the purpose of simplicity, a simple temperature and humidity sensor has been used at the remote device; it could be easily replaced with any other sensor. The simple topology (one remote device to one monitoring device) could be extended (multiple remote devices to a single monitoring device).

Difficulty level: advanced.

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Temperature and Humidity Sensor to Serial Monitor

1. Description

Basic setup allowing periodic readings from a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor using an Arduino Uno development board. Sensor readings (temperature and humidity) as well as computed values (heat indexes) are printed to the serial monitor.

Difficulty level: beginner.

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